I’m Edgar. Technical Project Manager and Software Engineer.

About me in short

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I spend my free time with my family, traveling, learning, writing articles, books, aphorisms, coding, working out at the gym. I am a huge fan of Italy & ancient world history.

My motto: Take decisions, that make your brain smile.

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Why I run this blog

After several successful contracts and closed deals, I decided to deal with my experience with those, who want to change their professional life, become self-employed and make money in IT-related fields.

Firstly, I want to deal with a lot of useful and free content about programming, freelance, management and digital marketing in my blog.

Secondly, business purposes – I provide online courses, create tutorials, e-books, software and sell them online.

I get motivated, when I see my students / partners achieving visible results.


My tech stack consists in general from teaching, web development and project management.

  1. Teaching – I teach online (remotely) web development, freelance mastery, motivation and digital marketing courses. I have students from different countries and timezones.
  2. Web development – I help online businesses to grow in digital world and have more income, by providing IT consulting, web design, maintenance and tech support services.
  3. Project management – It’s like a hobby for me to handle the successful project journey from start to release. I help meeting deadlines and organizing the digital process smoothly and on time.

I continue learning myself also in everyday schedule, because IT is like a limitless ocean with tons of knowledge and interesting details. And the same advice I give to my students.

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