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Where to start, What to study and How to monetize


I offer large variety of E-books and Video-courses about programming for absolute beginners. My courses include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and WordPress.


Besides learning programming, you will be able to create fully optimized product, which will enforce your online presence in the web and help users to find your site easier.


Learning is good, but earning is better. At the end of each course you will be provided an information about marketing tools, how to find clients and where to sell your digital products.

HTML image

HTML & CSS from scratch


Build responsive websites

What you’ll learn
1. Become a modern and confident HTML and CSS developer, no prior knowledge needed.
2. Modern, semantic and accessible HTML5.
3. Modern CSS, including flexbox and CSS Grid for layout
4. How to plan, sketch, design, build, test, and optimize a professional website.
5. How to make websites work on every possible mobile device (responsive design).
6. Developer skills such as reading documentation, debugging, and using professional tools
7. How to find and use free design assets such as images, fonts, and icons.

WordPress for Beginners


Master WordPress quickly

What you’ll learn
1. Install WordPress on your PC or Mac computer, so you can learn without having to pay hosting or domain fees.
2. This course will teach anyone to build a functional, beautiful, responsive website with WordPress.
3. Navigate around the WordPress dashboard, know what everything does and how to use it.
4. Create pages and posts
5. Understand plugins & themes and how to find/install them.
6. Protect their WordPress website from hackers and spammers.
7. Create a static homepage useful for most websites, or a blog like homepage useful for bloggers.

Complete Guide to Bootstrap


Build 6 real-world projects

What you’ll learn
1. Utilities, Layout and Components of the latest bootstrap 5 (v5.1.0) from September 2021.
2. How to create real world professional websites with bootstrap 5.
3. You will learn about other cool libraries and plugins like animations, tiny slider, smooth-scrollbar, isotope filtering and sorting and more.
4. How to create a setup with a bundler like parcel and also git and github. 5. You will learn the basics of SASS by practical project.
6. How to customize default bootstrap.


DIY materials startup business, founded in 2012. Now it has more than 9.000 organic followers on Instagram, dedicated clients from all around the world.


eCommerce startup founded in 2019. It’s goal is replacing plastic packaging with eco-friendly one. You can make orders through integrated Woocommerce store.


Digital agency, providing web design, SEO, advertisement, maintenance and software development services.

Crypto Karta app

Crypto prices’ and news platform, built with Next.js, Deployed on Vercel. It works due to integrated Coinstats and Crypto Panic api-s. It’s multilingual functionality is working with i18n inetrnationalization.

Screenit App

Built with React.js library, screen recorder free web app. Deployed on Vercel. You can record and download video of your window’s entire screen.

Appliance Repair Website

Appliance repair services landing page in California USA. From the first month, due to right SEO and Google ads strategy, it’s conversions and income have been more than expected.