Web developer course

Here, I will talk about the tech aspects, duration and other details of this course .

Tech skills we will cover in this course:

HTML – hypertext markup language. Will help you make the skeleton of websites and create simple landing pages.

CSS – a stylesheet language. It will help you to design your websites, make them user-friendly and modern-looking.

SEO – search engine optimization. Will help you make your websites SEO-friendly, for gaining organic traffic and visibility on search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc.

Domain management. You will learn how to create, maintain and update an online website, with a real domain and hosting (server).

JavaScript basics – a famous programming language. With the help of JS you can give your websites a great functionality and user interaction. It is one of the core languages in nowadays programming, which gives you wide capabilities, to develop websites and web apps.

Duration of the full course:

The full course will last 4 months, twice a week, 1 hour each lesson.

After registering, passing the free trial lesson and paying for the course (by Paypal, Payoneer or bank transfer), you will start you education journey with Edgarsblog.

Register for this course or ask questions via an email with the subject field – Web developer course.