Welcome to Pragma themes

Create ecommerce online store with Pragma themes

It’s a perfect solution for selling online with Pragma. The theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce Plugin, helping you build and design your store through the customizer itself. You can build a fast and attractive store today!

No jQuery

Pragma uses Vanilla JavaScript that prevents render blocking jQuery to come in the way and affect performance.

Less than 60 KB

Pragma requires less than 60KB of resources as compared to 100s required by the other WordPress themes.

Colors & Typography

You can set colors and fonts that integrate well with your brand, and easily manage the colors and typography of the entire website.

Header and Footer Options

Pragma comes with several inbuilt header and footer options, that would be a great fit for your website.

Optimized code

Pragma uses default WordPress data and follows the best coding standards to make sure that every piece of code is optimized.

Default Container

Pragma gives you a default container, called the Main Content with its own specific layout, that looks pretty with the navbar and footer.

Build you desired blog

Pragma theme is an amazing solution for building any blog you want – with fully responsive grid, images, customized title, excerpt, date, author and read more animated link button snippets.

Single product and Checkout

You will have animated product thumbnails slider, custom buttons, checkpout and order pages’ custom styles.

The most important

This website that you have just landed, is also build with Pragma Theme.