Deploy Next js web application to Vercel

In this article, we shall go over deploying the Next.js project to the Vercel serverless hosting platform via GitHub and VS Code terminal.

At first, sign up in Vercel, after open Github repo with your project’s name and copy it’s link.

Then, go to your code editor terminal and type there:

git remote add origin and paste the copied Github repo link, press enter

Type git add . press enter

Type git commit -m initial press enter

Type git push -u origin main press enter.

After go to your Vercel dashboard, click on new project, choose your github repo from the list and import it. Then press deploy button. If everything is ok in your Next.js code, you should see successful deployment result. If no, Vercel will show you the errors, that must be imporved, after fixing them, try again. It’s simple.

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Posted by Edgar Hovhannisyan


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