Bought a course for 12$ on Udemy and reached 3200$ income per month

In 2019, I closed my business and office in DIY sphere. It was taking from me a lot of time and energy, requiring my online presence each day.

I was dreaming about a job, that will let me to earn money sitting somewhere in Italy with just a laptop, good WiFi and bank card.

There were several professions, that I was interested in, such as: copywriter, UI UX designer, programmer, translator of articles.

After several months of researching and overthinking, my choice stood on programming.

It was a hard choice for me, because I had a lawyer degree, and was thinking, that, if a person didn’t start programming since early years in the college and learned minimum 4–5 years, it’s useless even to think about it at age of 33.

Then, suddenly I met an acquaintance of mine, who told me, that started to learn programming at age of 41.

I went home with that thoughts and started to google more information about learning from scratch, educational platforms and blogs.

I found Udemy course: Web development Bootcamp for 12$. After reading the testimonials about the course, I bought it.

The start was very interesting, I was learning 3–5 hours a day. I started from HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript basics, approximately 3 months. That time, I created my first portfolio landing page, bought a domain for 2$/year and hosting platform plan for 5$/month. After deploying the files, my first website was live. It was a magnificent feeling. The motivation of achieving a new profession and finding simple freelance projects was very high.

After 4 months of searching, I found my first freelance project for 500$. Then, 2 weeks later, the second one – for 300$.

After several successful closed deals, I found my first job as an HTML | CSS private tutor. I was teaching 9 months, receiving positive testimonials from my students, seeing their successful projects. Then, I decided to take a little break from tutoring and go deeper in web development, continuing to study JS and WordPress development. As a result, I found a job in IT company, where I was creating landing pages, WordPress websites, JS applications. It took me two years from 2019, to reach 2000$/month income (with salary and seldom freelance projects). But, I didn’t stop on that, cause it was only the beginning. I started creating and selling WordPress Custom themespluginsHTML web templates, JS marketing apps. As a result, at the end of the 2022, I was already having mixed income more than 3200$ per month(with salary and freelance projects). Today, I am practicing with JS framework like Next.js, going deeper into WordPress development and writing an eBook about programming from scratch.

Most of all, I want to become a great specialist in programming, leave some legacy behind and create up to 5 passive incomes, to spend more time with my family and do whatever I want.

I want to show you with my real story, that there is nothing impossible till you breath. At the end of this article, we come across to the point, that a man can buy a course for 12$ and monetize it after several years into 3200$ and more income per month.

dream image

So, believe in you dreams and act. This article, to be continued…

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Posted by Edgar Hovhannisyan


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