Advantages of remote working nowadays.

Here I want to deal with my thoughts about remote working.


1. You have time for family

2. Have time and energy for sport

3. You don’t waste your time on traffic jams

4. You can organize your meal at home and avoid eating at workplace, carrying your food in bag or trusting some buffet kitchen

5. You don’t have to struggle with the alarm clock each morning and love Fridays, because you can get a full sleep.

6. You can divide your working day to small chunks and manage other stuff.

7. You can use a pomodoro technique and have a short walk at your home-yard, instead of small office corridors.

8. You don’t waste money on transport and don’t breathe the polluted air, while being stuck in the traffic jam.


…….. it seems they are missing ))))

Remote is the best thing, that happened to humans after covid epidemic and it gives a lot of benefits. Meantime, working on-site is a bundle of stress and a waste of time. If you think about socialization, you can have meetings, and team building even without working at the office.

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Posted by Edgar Hovhannisyan


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