Personal website is better, than social media?

Social media is great, but personal website is better.
Why Personal website is crucial and very important?
In our life social media takes a huge place on the planet. I hardly imagine someone from modern world with opportunities of having internet and not using social medias such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.
They give you a chance of communication with millions of people, building your own brand, blog, business, career, following your interests or whatever you want.
But each person, that financially depends on social media has to know this:
Even if you have millions of followers, you can be banned, blocked, reported at any time, and most probably you won’t be able to restore your account back.
Because of this, many famous bloggers have 2nd, 3rd accounts, for such cases. But of course they are also under the risk.
So what I advice you. Grow your audience on social media, be active, but don’t put all your eggs into one basket.
You have to have your personal website, and lead followers also there, in case when you are blocked, not to lose the ties with your audience.
It’s a crucial moment for every famous blogger, but most of them don’t have websites. So this is the best solution for such unpredictable behavior of social media algorithms.
With personal website, you have a place, or call it whatever you like, where you gather all your info, as a base.
You own that website, you’re in charge of everything and no one can block you.
Each time you have a problem with social media accounts, your followers can take a look at your website, and get an info for updates about your new accounts or posts.
So this is just a great helper for hard days.
And finally, you always can reach out to me and get a proper consultation, help and maintenance with creating your brand, website, promoting it and reaching out to new followers / clients.

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