Next-image-unconfigured-host image error.

One of your pages that leverages the next/image component, passed a src value that uses a hostname in the URL that isn’t defined in the images.remotePatterns in next.config.js.

next.js unconfigured image host error

By simple words, it happens, when you are trying to pass into the image src external image link instead of local. Because the external image src is very handy method of displaying images, I want to deal with you with one of the solutions of this error.

Go to your next.config.js file and you willl see this code

const nextConfig = {

reactStrictMode: true,


Change it to this:

const nextConfig = {

images: {

domains: [






In my case I was using image external paths from and, that’s why I have added those domains to my next.config.js, in order to say, that I import images from these urls.

I hope this solution will help you.

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Posted by Edgar Hovhannisyan


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