Must have tips for Technical Project Managers and Coordinators.

We can see such worldwide practice when Technical project managers or coordinators don’t have technical (web development / design / engineering) skills, but they handle IT projects. It should not be the worst thing, if not the unreal expectations from employees.

For example, there are a lot of cases, when the IT project manager or coordinator assign a task to the web developer / designer / software engineer and set unrealistic expectations regarding the timelines. After, comes the most unpleasant part: the developer / designer/ engineer is confused and works in a stressful way, because understands, that the deadline for such serious work is not realistic. But the manager / coordinator expects it to be completed, in order to put the task under completed status and promises to CEO / CTO / Delivery Lead, that it would be completed in a particular period of time. 

So, in result, we get conflicting situation, when the reality and expectations are not the same.

The best way to avoid such things, is when the IT Project manager or coordinator understands, for example, how many days does it take for the web designer to create the Figma mockup, for web developer – to convert the UI design to landing page, or for Software engineer – to complete the desktop application.

You don’t have to be a Senior level specialist in coding or design in order to understand those cases and timelines. But, at least, you must have practice of doing those things yourself from scratch to the end.

In that case you will understand the processes from inside, the team and the stakeholders would be happy. 

That’s why it’s critical to have such courses for unexperienced project managers at companies, for involving them in the process under the hood.

After all, you will know more, and demand less.

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Posted by Edgar Hovhannisyan


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