Welcome to my courses’ page

Here you can learn more about the courses, choose whatever course you want to pass and contact directly with me. All the courses are online by Zoom. The first lesson is free trial.

books for learning html, css and javascript courses

Web developer course

You will learn web development and design from scratch. By the end of this course you will be able to create mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly websites.

280$ / month

As a bonus, you will learn how to monetize your skills and land your first job as a junior web developer.

Digital marketing course

You will learn digital marketing from scratch. By the end of this course you will be able to achieve organic and paid traffic on your landing pages, research and analyze your competitors, create great content, choose audience, set proper metrics and track the results.

240$ / month

As a bonus, you will take part in a real-life project and make your adjustments there.

google console dashboard for digital marketing results

Freelance mastery course

This course will give you a clear understanding and knowledge how to monetize your skills, even if you are on junior level of your profession. Freelance mastery course is perfect for web developers, designers, project managers, copywriters, digital marketing specialists and other field-specialists, who want to become self-employed and work remotely. From freelance channels, cover letters, making invoices and setting payment methods will be explained to you.

200$ / month

As a bonus, you will get a great Google Ads tutorial for free.